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Leaders in Emergency Medicine

BestPractices has a lengthy track record of developing and implementing innovative strategies to establish the frontier of emergency medicine and meet the constantly evolving challenges and threats facing emergency departments and healthcare institutions.

Following September 11, 2001, BestPractices physicians were the first to successfully diagnose and treat inhalational anthrax, saving many lives in the process and paving the way for a new and aggressive approach to treatment of the disease. At Inova Fairfax Hospital, we were the recipients of the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Urgent Matters Grant, under which we developed the concept of Team Triage, which places physicians or mid-level providers (teamed with ED nurses and techs) at the triage area during times of peak arrivals to evaluate and treat patients as soon as they come through the door.

Thom MayerDr. Thom Mayer, Founder and CEO, has long been an expert in crisis management. In addition to serving as one of the Command Physicians of the Pentagon Rescue Operation in 2001, he has served the Department of Defense on Defense Science Task Forces on Bioterrorism, Homeland Security and consequences of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Also an expert in sports medicine, Dr. Mayer’s efforts as Medical Director of the NFL Players Association have led to dramatic changes in the way that athletes at all levels of the sport are treated.

Kirk JensenDr. Kirk Jensen, Chief Medical Officer, is a national leader in flow and patient safety initiatives. Working with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), Dr. Jensen developed a standardized approach to optimize flow and maintain patient safety during the H1N1 influenza outbreak. He also served on the expert panel and site examination team of Urgent Matters, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative focusing on helping hospitals eliminate ED crowding and congestion as well as preserving the health care safety net.

BestPractices’ efforts to improve not only the institutions we serve, but the practice of emergency medicine as whole, have not gone without recognition. Here is what some of the top minds in healthcare and business have said about our work:

“Dr. Thom Mayer and Dr. Kirk Jensen have always been impact players in healthcare. They take the thinking to the doing, which leads to becoming. In healthcare, we spend a lot of time thinking, but Dr. Mayer and Dr. Jensen help us move to doing. Their commitment to excellence in achievement and unwillingness to accept the status quo makes healthcare better for all.”Quint Studer, Studer Group

"As the CEO of a national financial firm, I have witnessed firsthand the power of process excellence, which is essential to creating a competitive advantage in business. In Hardwiring Flow, Dr. Mayer and Dr. Jensen advocate an innovative and transformational way to liberate healthcare by systematically focusing on where value is created and eliminating the waste that stands in the way of quality patient experiences and outcomes.”Richard Fairbank, Chairman and CEO, Capital One

“Thom Mayer and Kirk Jensen have hit on the right topic at the right time…The entire healthcare industry is focused on cost, and their work on flow and systems does a terrific job of introducing the science, math, and art of flow management. As we are all grappling for new tools, this is a welcome flow tool kit.”Bruce Crowther, FACHE

Our Publications

Hardwiring Flow: Systems and Processes for Seamless Patient Care

Leadership for Smooth Patient Flow

Leadership for Great Customer Service

“Hardwiring Flow is a timely book for healthcare leaders who must face, simultaneously, an ever-decreasing workforce and an ever-increasing work load. Dr. Mayer and Dr. Jensen combine a profound intellectual understanding of the processes by which we provide care with a practical approach to doing our work better."Jay Kaplan, MD, FACEP, Medical Director, Studer Group

“Visionary in scope and innovative in application, Drs. Mayer and Jensen have produced a work which will change medicine as we know it.”Angela Gardner, MD, FACEP, President of the American College of Emergency Physicians

“I coined a term a few years ago, rather awkward but to the point: ‘gaspworthy’-as in, obviously, the audacity and power of the proposed program make you no less than gasp. Well, this is clearly a ‘gaspworthy’ effort. In my view, not to follow a path like this is a breach of duty to our patients, as much as an inappropriate treatment protocol. Read it. Absorb it. Act. No excuses. Yes, ‘gaspworthy.’”Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence and 2009 Keynote Speaker for the Press Ganey National Client Conference