ED Services

BestPractices partners with select hospitals and healthcare systems to deliver the highest quality patient care to the communities we serve. We have a track record of building successful, enduring relationships with our partners. In each of our partnerships, our team strives to deliver the results that matter to the institution. BestPractices creates distinct competitive advantages for the hospitals we serve in five ways:

Medical Leadership - Our Medical Directors are the best in the business, with a lifelong commitment to developing excellence in skills, service and communication. We invest substantially in their on-going training, development and mentoring provided directly by our senior clinical leadership team. Our Medical Directors are directly responsible for executing the combined mission of BestPractices and our partner hospitals.

Service Excellence - BestPractices has delivered nationally-recognized results in customer service scores, earning awards from virtually every patient satisfaction source, including Press Ganey, PRC and Gallup. Focusing on this area for over 20 years, we have developed a training course for all clinicians called Emergency Department Survival Skills as well as the A-Team Toolkit, a detailed methodology for implementing and maintaining service excellence at each of our partner hospitals.

Hardwiring Flow - A key component of a successful emergency department is smooth patient flow. As the largest portals of entry for patients into the hospital, emergency departments demand effective patient flow to operate safely and efficiently. To meet these challenges and reach objectives, BestPractices has developed a robust package of offerings to our client hospitals that enable them to optimize patient flow in the ED. These include establishing a measure of patient demand by hour and designing a system to handle it, appropriately staffing and leveraging triage processes and systems and using a system for patient flow segmentation that establishes distinct processes for different patient segments.

Doctors in Hallway

Patient Safety and Risk Reduction - Excellence in quality and patient safety is job one for emergency physicians. BestPractices has developed an evidence-based approach to emergency medicine called Creating the Risk Free Emergency Department. Our aggressive implementation — including targeted compensation, a collaborative online wiki, extensive education and follow-up testing – provides evidence-based clinical protocols for risky patient presentations, cognitive heuristics that can diminish safety and a module for the safest treatment of children, “The Pediatric Guide to the Risk Free ED.”

Teamwork - Delivering the results that matter is dependent upon successful collaboration between BestPractices and the many constituencies we interact with. BestPractices' entire leadership team works to ensure alignment from the start with our hospital partners’ vision for success. We also strive for close and cooperative relationships between our Medical Directors and clinical teams with nursing, EMS and medical staff.