Integrated Staffing

Our company offers a comprehensive integrated staffing model to deliver optimal performance in the merging of Emergency and Hospitalist Services. The integration of these services allows BestPractices to deliver a much more effectively managed “door to hospital discharge” model that improves clinical quality, patient experience and the hospital’s return on investment.

Through our sister company, we are able to utilize Rapid Admission Process and Gap Orders software (called RAP&GO) at our client sites. This internet-based set of orders with predefined protocols and customizable templates helps to reduce the hurdles and expedite patient admissions from the emergency department.

By eliminating the unnecessary time spent waiting for the hospitalist to answer a page, waiting for the peer-to-peer conversation with the ED physician, waiting for additional test results, waiting for the hospitalist to evaluate the patient in the ED, hospitals can shave up to 2 to 3 hours off patient “boarding time” in the ED with our efficient patient flow process which:

  • Improves ED LPMSE rates
  • Improves throughput
  • Justifies the admission criteria
  • Increases availability of care
  • Opens up ED beds and capacity
  • Opens the door for additional inpatient admissions

Female health worker

Our integrated services model can significantly reduce costs by decreasing holds and back log in the emergency department, freeing up beds to allow incremental admissions and decreasing length of stay.  With two departments - ED and hospitalist physicians - working together as one, hospitals experience synergistic benefits not available when programs are independently managed.