Hospitalist Services

BestPractices has an effective structure and system to manage a large inpatient population in a clinically proven and cost-effective manner.  With our sister company, BestPractices proudly supports more than 50 full-time Hospitalist Programs throughout the United States.  We have gone to great lengths to bring the BestPractices model into Hospital Medicine to support a more effective patient care process.

We have invested significant time and resources to develop emergency service and hospitalist solutions to reduce throughput and length of stay while improving quality.  Our Hospitalist Medical Directors will work with the ED Medical Director to improve communication and establish mutually acceptable protocols.  We work to establish a cooperative attitude between departments and groups, helping to improve quality of care and pay-for-performance measures.

BestPractices offers more than a physician staffing solution. Our company provides an innovative approach focused on clinical quality and cost efficiency. Our practice model is designed to improve the bottom line at your hospital by reducing your Average Length of Stay (ALOS) and decreasing your Medicare losses.

We provide inpatient physician staffing and management services that include:

Hospital hallway

  • On-site medical director
  • Board certified physicians on-site or on-call 24/7
  • Coverage from admission through discharge for referred inpatients, ED admissions, ICU in-house, SNF or long-term care
  • Inpatient billing and collection services
  • Compliance and risk management education programs

BestPractices integrates highly trained hospitalists and best practice clinical processes to provide a proven inpatient management solution.  Our inpatient services program can help increase medical staff satisfaction, reduce length of stay, decrease resource utilization, shorten emergency department turnaround time and provide continuity of care for patients.