BestPractices is a focused emergency department management and staffing solutions provider. In limited circumstances, BestPractices’ clinical leadership team will embark on targeted consulting engagements. If interested, please contact us for further information.

Potential engagements include:

Patient Flow Assessment
Customer Service Optimization
Comprehensive ED Operation Analysis

Patient Flow Assessment

Acute-care settings are often plagued with waits, delays, and dissatisfaction. Nowhere is this more observable and its impact more palpable than in hospital emergency departments. Every healthcare administrator, clinician and patient wants his or her hospital and community to have an emergency department that works and that they can be proud of. Effective and efficient patient flow is crucial to a successful ED.

BestPractices looks at following areas in assessing the patient flow through an ED:

  • How well capacity is matched to demand
  • The impact of operational and clinical variability and how it is managed
  • How much waste is occurring in your processes and services
  • How the ED can forecast and predict demand for key servers and services
  • How you can effectively manage peak loads
  • Solving the “boarding burden” problem
  • How you can help to shape demand

BestPractices will do a full assessment of the Emergency Department’s patient flow. A detailed assessment identifies opportunities to improve patient flow, throughput and effectiveness in your emergency department. BestPractices utilizes analytical tools, interviews key stakeholders and conducts on-site observations of people, processes and performance to evaluate ED flow, LWBS times, wait times, boarding issues and other components that affect patient flow and patient outcomes. A process flow map is created, observations summarized and analytics reviewed to both appreciate what is currently working well and to suggest areas of targeted improvement.

Customer Service Optimization

It makes sense that high patient satisfaction in your Emergency Department (ED) is important to you and your patients. It’s a win-win-win: Good for your patients, good for your healthcare team and good for your bottom line. BestPractices utilizes a number of tools, techniques and targeted improvements to optimize patient satisfaction in your ED:

  • An assessment of the ED patient flow and performance
  • Evaluation of current patient satisfaction assessment instruments (ex: Press Ganey, Gallup, PRC), scores and their implications
  • Tracked and trended individual clinician patient satisfaction scores as well as the overall facility’s scores.
  • Creating focused hospital, departmental, and clinician plans to improve and optimize your patient satisfaction scores
  • Focused patient satisfaction coaching and mentoring – provider-specific recommendations rooted in the underlying components of each clinician’s current results

BestPractices will provide a comprehensive write up of analysis, insights, and recommendations along with an action plan and suggested timeline.

Three Doctors

Comprehensive ED Operations Analysis

BestPractices offers a comprehensive analysis of your Emergency Department operations and an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. BestPractices uses analytical tools, interviews with key stakeholders, and on-site observations to determine the parameters of an ED performance improvement campaign. We start with an environmental assessment, focusing on:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the department
  • Opportunities for the Emergency Department
  • Threats to the current and future mission of the ED
  • What areas are currently working well
  • What areas need immediate improvement
  • What areas need planned change

Best Practices then conducts an intensive set of operational evaluations focusing on processes, services, people, place, and performance. This evaluation includes the following:

  • Market analysis
  • Financial review
  • Program assessment
  • Professional and program staff reviews
  • Physical plant assessments

The ED Operations and SWOT Analysis allows the team to take a deep dive into the current state of the Emergency Department, formulate an assessment and develop a focused set of recommendations. Using the information gathered, along with input from the on-site team, a project director creates a comprehensive plan of action and recommendations.