BestPractices Advantages

If you are a practicing ED physician, why join BestPractices™?

  • Dr. Thom Mayer, the CEO of BestPractices™, is a nationally respected physician in Emergency Medicine and he is focused on building the premier physician leadership team in the country. BestPractices™ is an elite ED outsourcing firm, not a staffing company or fly-by-night operation.
  • Our physician compensation package is based on performance parameters that count, not just on collections. All BestPractices™ physicians are paid incentive bonuses based on their hospital's ED success and patient satisfaction.
  • We provide competitive benefits and an ongoing continuing education to improve the ED, reduce risk, and retain physicians most interested in continuous improvement.
  • We align hospital and physician goals and objectives. Our objective is to be the best at Emergency Medicine leadership from both a clinical and management perspective - when the group succeeds, so do you.

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