Moments of Truth

Posted by BestPractices on May 23 2011

From the customers’ perspective, the people performing the service are the company. The patients in your health care system can’t know your leadership and management team to any substantial degree. However, they do know those on the front lines and will judge your service by their service. Every day in the health care field there are many moments of truth-whenever service employees have an encounter with those they serve. These can be positive moments of truth, resulting in your institution having a great reputation for service in the community or it can be a negative moment of truth resulting in a ruined customer service reputation.

Examples of the implications of the moments of truth:

  • Insist on your department directors and unit managers following the same policy: Leaders lead in service by being service champions.
  • Use business cards liberally
  • Ask patients and families, “What can we do to improve our service?”
  • Tell patients; “I know you have choices in health care. We’re delighted you chose our hospital.”

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