BestPractices’ Kirk Jensen, MD, and Dan Kirkpatrick release new book on ED management for hospital execs

Posted by BestPractices on September 22 2010

BestPractices is proud to announce the release of The Hospital Executive’s Guide to Emergency Department Management, a new book by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kirk Jensen, and Director of Operations, Dan Kirkpatrick.  The book is available through HCPro, Inc.’s website:The Hospital Executive's Guide to Emergency Department Management

The Hospital Executive’s Guide to Emergency Department Management

Improve patient flow, maximize revenue, and strengthen your competitive edge

With 50-70 percent of hospital admissions coming through the emergency department, it’s the key driver of profitability for your hospital–and where community opinion about your organization is formed.

To provide top-notch care to the community and maintain a competitive edge, healthcare executives must build processes that deliver quality, safety, and service.

This book will define key barriers, bottlenecks, and obstacles to providing great patient care and offers solutions and strategies to:

  • Develop outstanding ED leadership
  • Ensure you capture the revenue you deserve
  • Deliver high-quality care to patients
  • Make your ED a place that employees and physicians want to work

Written by experts in the field, The Hospital Executive’s Guide to Emergency Department Management will help you and your organization:

  • Develop strategies and techniques to lead and measure change, including the use of performance benchmarking
  • Enhance quality and safety by understanding the situations, practices, and systems that are most likely to lead to mistakes
  • Improve patient flow with strategies to assess and optimize the ED and your organization
  • Draw on lessons learned and real-world experience  from successful hospitals and health systems

Take a look at the table of contents

Introduction: Why the ED Matters

  • Why Improvement is Necessary
  • A Quest for Excellence

1. A Design for Operational Excellence
Make a Plan and Then Stick to It
Optimizing High Quality Care
2. Leadership
Securing the High C’s
What is leadership?
Acting as leader
What leadership isn’t
The effective healthcare improvement leader
Developing a “shared governance” model
Carrying through: A seminar is never enough
3. Fielding Your Best Team
Hire right: A-Team versus B-Team
A critical step: Hiring the medical director
Teamwork attributes, tools, and techniques
Challenges to teamwork
4. Improving Patient Flow in the Emergency Department
Who’s Coming to Visit: Matching demand with capacity
Constraints and variations in the system
Teaming up for better flow
Patient waiting
Tools for smoothing flow
Keeping the streams flowing
We’re not on an island
Admissions and bed control
5. Customer Service: Ensuring Patient Satisfaction
The cost of dissatisfied patients
Improving the satisfaction of your patients
Specific techniques for satisfying your patients
It takes a team
6. ED Change Initiatives: Getting Things Done
Choosing the right team
Choosing the right project(s)
Leadership’s role
Getting it done
Project control-Holding the gains
Examples of implementation, project management, and cultural change
7. ED Change initiatives-Managing Change
The differences between leading and managing in the context of change.
What people want and what people need
The perils of leadership
Key change management models for leadership
Learning from success and failure
8. Patient Safety and Risk Reduction
Perfection versus improvement
A systematic approach
Reducing errors and preventing harm
9. The Role and Necessity of the Dashboard
Where to start
Clinician dashboard metrics
10. How the ED Is a Business
Building the business case
Operational quality and effectiveness
Customer satisfaction
Sound financial management
11. Billing, Coding, and Collections
Clinical Decision-making and documentation
The nonphysician practitioners
Example: A Metric-Driven Analysis of the Benefits of Using Scribes
12. Physician Compensation Models–Productivity-Based Systems
Incentive plan proposal
Eligibility Criteria for Citizenship component

Who will benefit from this book?

  • Hospital CEO
  • President
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Chief medical officer
  • Medical staff director
  • Director of physician relations
  • Emergency Department director

Meet the Authors

Kirk Jensen, MD, MBA, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer, BestPractices Inc.
Jensen has spent more than 24 years in emergency medicine management and clinical care. He is responsible for the BestPractices Institute and managing clinical performance across the BestPractices client base. He is board-certified in emergency medicine and has been medical director for several emergency departments. Jensen is a faculty member for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) focusing on patient flow, quality improvement, and patient satisfaction both within ED and the hospital. He is currently the chair of two IHI leadership programs: Operational and Clinical Improvement in the Emergency Department and Improving Flow Through Acute Care Setting.

Daniel G. Kirkpatrick, MHA, FACHE, Director of Operations, BestPractices Inc.
With more than 24 years of healthcare management experience, Kirkpatrick directs and implements operational enhancements at BestPractices Inc. client sites. He also manages the operations team that supports the BestPractices site medical director in meeting operational/financial goals, as well as enhancing service, leadership, safety, and sustainability performance.

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